To be able to see what can be done, it really helps to name clearly what can’t. For example, hypnotherapy cannot be used to make someone do what they don’t want to do. It cannot override the will of the person being hypnotised.

Whatever happens in your hypnotherapy session, you must understand that it is down to your will. In other words, hypnotherapy is 100% safe. No-one can make you do something that you don’t want to do.

Hypnotherapy can’t make someone’s mind stop using a coping strategy that it still wants to use. In other words, you can’t interfere with what a person’s mind thinks is working.

For example, say someone is very angry, they express anger all the time and, to anyone looking in from the outside, it’s clearly too much. Unless that person also thinks it is too much, hypnotherapy can’t change it one iota.

Now this isn’t me saying that hypnotherapy cannot help someone control their anger. If that’s what they really want to do, it can.

It’s me saying that if anger is being used, say, as a means of being important, and the person doesn’t want to even consider that they need to be important, let alone look at how they use anger to intimidate people into doing what they want, you cannot in any way make them do so.

They simply won’t.

You cannot ever cure anything. We as hypnotherapists use the word ‘fix’. We fix problems. Problems which are fixed allow people to apply a normal amount of willpower to keep them fixed.

Hypnotherapy can only create a miracle in someone’s mind if that person will be responsible for any failure that it may have to do so along the way.

Hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure, but if you are prepared to be responsible for any failure during your hypnotherapy, you can get an amazing result which simply wasn’t previously possible for you.


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