Christine Sets out to achieve unprecedented results for her clients. The following are a selection of letters of appreciation from people who recognise that only Christine’s unique forensic approach enabled them to achieve the outstanding results they were looking for.

“I started working with Christine in August 2020. I have been astounded by the positive results it has made in my life. The depth she goes to as a therapist to help and understand is amazing. I had previously tried hypnotherapy elsewhere which proved to be seriously under par in terms of techniques and results compared to Christine. She has a level of care and professionalism that compliments each other brilliantly. I’ve worked with her on some tough times in my life that had affected me very negatively. She has been by my side helping me and has helped me regain my full confidence and drive to get the best out of myself and live a peaceful and prosperous life.

I thank her profusely for the work she puts in and truly believe if someone is having a tough time / in need of addressing an issue in life, she is the person to seek. Her methods are up there with the greats. To have the level of knowledge of the mind that she has both consciously and subconsciously is priceless. I am truly grateful for crossing paths with Christine because I wouldn’t be the success I am now without her guidance”.

Thank you Christine 🙂

Alistair, Hampshire

“I met Christine almost a decade ago. When that happened I was in bad place in my life. I was abused at my place of work and my mind frame, at the time, didn’t allow me to leave even though I knew I was in an abusive environment.

I looked online for help in Basingstoke area and came across Christine’s name. I also got some of her advertising pamphlets. I should mention that thoughts of suicide were in my mind, at the time, more often then I care to remember so meeting Christine was a godsend.

We have talked through the trauma, past and present, and done hypnosis sessions to the point of me being able to speak up or leave if people become abusive or disrespectful. Now if i’ve learned anything about Christine in these years i’ve known her is that she is very dedicated and committed to her work.

Therefore I believe her book will help a lot of people get the help and support they need. It’s about time that people start dealing with pain from their past and stop allowing it to dictate their present and future”.

Filipa, Basingstoke

“An enormous thank you for all that you have done for us. We will be forever in your debt. You are the reason we face life together and have overcome such significant events. You are one in a million and we love you so very much.

I really appreciate the work you have been doing with me, I feel I have gained my own mind back. It’s like a whole world has been lifted off my shoulders! I couldn’t wait to get your book. It’s easy-going informative, and inspirational, I wasn’t disappointed”.

Rachel, Bournemouth

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