Christine was born in Eldoret in Kenya, in 1957. She grew up there and went to school in Turi before moving to Nairobi. She was the Catering Manageress for the Muthaiga Country Club there until she travelled to America where she discovered healing, therapy and personal growth courses. Today, she lives in Basingstoke, UK, where she has a private hypnotherapy, coaching and healing practice. When she’s not seeing clients or writing, she’s busy breeding beautiful Burmese cats.

Christine has a hugely compassionate and fiercely forensic problem-solving mind. She can get to the bottom of any problem, find the hurting spot and put it right. She has helped literally hundreds of people overcome their difficulties in life.

She has helped people with depression to get over it; those with deep loss and grief to come through it; those with broken relationships to live and love again. She has stopped people smoking and overeating.  She has helped people get over phobias. She has helped couples to find their spark again and she has helped individuals to deal with abuse.

She works with adults, teenagers and children alike. She has worked with fear of public speaking and helped with bedwetting, compulsions and temper tantrums (both in adults and children), as well as deep-seated trauma and OCD.

Christine is an authority on hypnotherapy and healing, and she teaches both. She has a way of viewing the mind and its problems that is refreshingly uplifting. Her knowledge of the human mind and condition is second to none. Her mottos are ‘If you can feel it, you can heal it’ and ‘There has to be a way’. She is an inspirational person with an unstoppably kind and positive outlook.

If you would like Christine’s help, Contact her here, or for more detailed information on her hypnotherapy go to

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