This is an interesting question, best answered by looking first at what can go wrong in the mind. You see, although everyone is an individual, there are certain issues you can fix with hypnotherapy and certain issues that you cannot.

Here’s one that you can.

You can have a traumatic experience which, unbeknownst to you, is affecting how you think and feel. This could be anything from a bullying incident in the past, to a personal accident, to witnessing something horrific happening.

During situations like these, what you thought, felt and decided becomes held in place by the shock and the disbelief of the situation.

Anything happening today which reminds you of that situation restimulates that shock and the other intense feelings that you were feeling. It makes you think that something happening today is causing you to feel the same feelings you felt way back.

The thing about this though is that you won’t be consciously aware that your feelings are being exacerbated by your experience of the past. You will just feel stuck in a strong emotion that you don’t much like and can’t seem to get rid of, because it keeps coming back.

When this happens, you cannot resolve the current day situation because what you are feeling is a stronger feeling than the current situation warrants, and it’s a feeling about previous people and previous circumstances, not what is happening now.

It’s a situation that cannot be resolved today, because it isn’t about today.

For example, someone having a dreadfully traumatic shock in the past may respond to a surprise as if it were that dreadful traumatic shock from their past. They won’t know that they’re doing this, only that everything makes them jump or that they hate surprises, even nice ones.

I once had a client who had a terrible fear of spiders – even the sight of one made her hysterical. I established that it was the way that a spider’s legs move that was the most upsetting.

In hypnosis, we went back to a memory of being in a cinema watching a film with her mother. During the film a purple, spider-like monster came crawling off the screen – the effect being that it looked like it was coming right out of the screen and into the audience.

As the sensitive child that she was, she was petrified, literally petrified.

It’s easy to see how her upset about a tiny spider today was of epic proportions, proportions which fitted a child’s wild imagination in a cinema, not a sensible adult today.

Hypnotherapy can help you access your original memory and come to terms with it. It can enable you to put an old, upsetting experience completely in proportion and lay the effects of it to rest for good. It can enable you to find out how limiting beliefs controlling you today come from your past and really deserve no relevance in your life now.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most efficient ways through which you can restore balance and equilibrium to your life today.

Emotional Scars

An emotional scar is like an emotional virus. It comes from a situation where something sad was made worse by the way it was handled by somebody. An emotional virus is an extra emotional element that comes into play every time a certain situation arises.

An emotional scar causes you to be very emotional today, but your emotion is exacerbated by a previous situation. To you it will feel as if the emotion that you’re feeling in today’s world is completely warranted. The thing is though, it just won’t go away. Somehow, it lingers.


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